Welcome to the CCC / RightsDirect Collaboration Portal

Copyright Clearance Center and RightsDirect annual license holders can use this online portal to extend your license coverage to collaborative projects with other licensees. 

What is the Collaboration License?

The Collaboration License is an amendment to your organization's Annual Copyright License and/or Multinational Copyright License. It provides extended coverage that allows project team members from your company and another CCC-licensed organization to collaborate with one another using published research and other content in the annual license repertory as part of their joint efforts within a project-specific work group. Learn about the Collaboration License and how to use it in this short video.

Getting Started

To get started, simply

  1. Review the Collaboration License agreement terms by clicking the "Review/Sign Agreement" button below
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions of the Collaboration License using our online system
Once you sign the Collaboration License agreement, you can begin inviting your collaboration partners to participate. Click the "Add/Remove" button below for more information.

Manage Partners

CCC and RightsDirect also maintain a list of the collaboration partners you have identified to us that you can request through this portal. 

About the License

  • Extends the coverage of your existing CCC or RightsDirect license
  • Covers content exchange between work group members from two licensed companies*
  • Simplifies copyright compliance and maximizes the value of your licenses
*Both companies must: The Collaboration License does not authorize document delivery or the bulk and systematic sharing of content. 

See the license FAQs for more information.