Setup Form for RightFind® Advisor

If your company maintains a Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) or RightsDirect, please have an authorized individual complete this form to allow CCC to configure RightFind Advisor for your company. Note that most information is required. After receiving the completed form, CCC will create your secure instance of RightFind Advisor, usually within 2-3 business days.

Please enter how you would like your company name to appear in RightFind Advisor (e.g., XYZ, XYZ Corp., XYZ Corporation).

There is an option to have each RightFind Advisor page include a “Contact Your Library” link at the bottom so users can send an email message to someone in your company (generally a library or legal staff employee) if they have additional questions about re-using content. The email can go to an individual or an alias for a group. Additionally, CCC Customer Service is also available to help users with questions about RightFind®. To contact CCC’s Customer Service, please click the Help link located at the bottom of the page, and then click Support.

RightFind Advisor uses Email Domains as a security feature to ensure that only users from your company are able to access your company’s version of RightFind Advisor. Please list your company’s Email Domains. You can always add more Email Domains later.

When RightFind Advisor has your company’s IP addresses, users are able to access RightFind Advisor without logging in. If you do not wish to allow authentication via IP address, all users must register and login to access RightFind Advisor. Typically, your company’s IT department will know your company’s IP address ranges. Also, if your company subscribes to online content, your corporate librarian may have the IP addresses since many content providers use IP addresses to grant access to their services. Please list your company’s IP address ranges. You can always add more IP addresses later. These are the IP addresses as seen by applications outside your firewall.

Please select the countries in which your company has employees who are likely to use RightFind Advisor. Permission to re-use content varies by country (as well as by the licenses your company has). Hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard to select multiple countries.

Please indicate if you need locations more specific than country. If more-specific locations are needed, CCC will contact you to get more information.

COMPANY LOGO (recommended)
Each RightFind Advisor page can include your company’s logo, which reinforces to users your company’s commitment to and authorization of RightFind Advisor as a company tool. Please provide a web-ready jpeg logo that is exactly 200 pixels wide and 40 pixels tall x 24-bit. It is best if you attach your logo as a file via email to CCC.