Exploring the Benefits of Natural Language Processing for Decision Support from Full-Text Literature

Date: Thursday, 03 June 2021
Time: 11:00am EDT, 4:00pm BST

Across the healthcare industry, researchers and clinicians need to base decisions on the best possible view of data. Natural language processing-based text mining enables researchers to gather important insights from vast amounts of published information. Use cases range from drug discovery, clinical trial development, drug safety monitoring, through to real world insights and competitive intelligence.
To capture the landscape of information needed for a particular project, mining abstracts and full-text papers both bring benefits. Scientific abstracts tend to be short concise summaries, but miss much of the richness, detail, and granularity available from the full-text papers, particularly in tables. 
Join CCC and Linguamatics on 3 June 2021 to discuss how NLP can assist researchers to get better value from both abstracts and full-text literature, with example use cases in research and rare diseases. 
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About the Presenters:

Jane Reed joined Linguamatics in March 2014, as the head of life science strategy. She is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics' growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain. Jane has extensive experience in life sciences informatics. She worked for more than 15 years in vendor companies supplying data products, data integration and analysis and consultancy to pharma and biotech - with roles at Instem, BioWisdom, Incyte, and Hexagen. Before moving into the life science industry. Jane worked in academia with post-docs in genetics and genomics.
Ray Gilmartin is Director of Corporate Solutions for Copyright Clearance Center. He is responsible for knowledge management products within the Corporate Business Unit including RightFind Navigate, RightFind Professional, and XML for Mining. Ray has diverse experience in providing innovative tools for management and distribution of information across multiple industries.