Knowledge Graphs: Connecting Your Data to Solve Real-World Problems in R&D, Business Intelligence and Strategy

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The volume and types of information and knowledge that R&D intensive companies have to ingest, process, and synthesize is increasing super-exponentially. In the past, this has forced knowledge and information professionals to effectively silo information by subscribing to databases and content sources that contain specific types of objects or relate to certain subject areas. In response, many knowledge and information professionals feel that something was lost along the way; the serendipity of finding a piece of information in a place you didn’t realize you needed to look. 

In this paper, Phill discusses the development and application of knowledge graphs and how they are helping knowledge and information professionals to solve real business problems.

Phill shares: 

  • Real world examples of how knowledge graphs are already solving business problems such as empowering business intelligence, reducing costs of clinical trial design, identifying key opinion leaders, and more 

  • A series of tips to help you develop your own knowledge graph roadmap 

  • Advice on how to clean and map data and create a data processing pipeline 

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