WHITE PAPER: Vocabularies, Text Mining and FAIR Data: The Strategic Role Information Managers Play

Scientific knowledge is expanding both in terms of peer-reviewed articles published and in the types and formats of relevant information. Peer-reviewed scientific research in more and more specialized fields, clinical trials data, conference proceedings and posters, business news and regulatory filings, patents, government datasets, and internal research and data all contain information valuable to researchers. However, much of this information is either unstructured or in data streams that do not permit easy interoperability.

So how can information managers find strategic roles to play in their organization's AI and data analysis projects?

As machine learning and text and data mining projects are getting launched within organizations, information managers have an opportunity to serve in consultative roles within their organizations to encourage the use of better data and workflow processes. One of the areas in which they can make the most contribution is in introducing user groups to the impact of semantic enrichment of internal and external content and the importance of data cleansing.

To learn more, download Vocabularies, Text Mining and FAIR Data: The Strategic Role Information Managers Play, our latest white paper from information expert Mary Ellen Bates.  

About Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen Bates is the principal of Bates Information Services Inc., providing business insights to strategic decision makers and consulting services to the information industry. Mary Ellen worked for over a decade in corporate and overnment information centers before launching her business in 1991. She received her MLIS from the University of California Berkeley and is based near Boulder, Colorado.