Streamlining OA Workflows: Use Metadata to Manage APCs

Thursday 25 June 2020
11:00 – 11:45am EDT
Disruptions both inside and outside of the Publishing industry create heightened levels of uncertainty for the future of scientific communications. Publishers that fail to meet challenges such as Open Access run the risk of losing revenue if they do not comply with funder mandates and transformative agreements. Metadata identifiers collected at submission and transferred to a robust payment system can improve internal efficiencies and thus increase stakeholder engagement. 

In this discussion, Copyright Clearance Center and Aries Systems will share how they work together to achieve both their individual and shared objectives through innovation and partnership. We will: 

  • Identify the “researcher identity dilemma” and its benefits and challenges 
  • Explore market trends and how transformative agreements serve as a bridge to full Open Access 
  • Discuss why metadata is important to stakeholders across the scientific publishing ecosystem 
  • Examine how metadata that includes standard identifiers facilitates transformative agreements 
  • Share how the CCC and Aries partnership has tackled the biggest industry challenges within the scholarly publishing community

Featured Panelists: 

Carol Anne Meyer
Client Services Account Manager
Aries Systems Corporation
Jennifer Goodrich
Director, Product Management
Copyright Clearance Center


Andrew Robinson
Principal Consultant
Copyright Clearance Center