Managing Copyright Compliance in an Ever-changing Financial Industry

A look at T. Rowe Price’s nimble approach to managing global copyright

Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Time: 1:00pm EDT

Up-to-date information is needed more than ever in order to respond quickly as we alleviate fears and help teams, partners, stakeholders and clients make well-informed decisions. At the same time, in-house counsel and others managing the exchange of information throughout the global organization must think strategically and identify efficient processes to ensure the company remains compliant with copyright laws worldwide.

Join Copyright Clearance Center and T. Rowe Price for a look at one financial company’s strategy to manage copyright compliance while staying a step ahead of its evolving business needs.

This engaging webinar will demonstrate:

  • How published content is commonly used by an investment management firm
  • The importance of fostering a copyright compliant work environment 
  • Challenges around reusing and collaborating with content
  • T. Rowe Price’s strategies for managing copyright compliance, including recent adjustments in response to COVID-19.


Beth Johnson
Director, Corporate Solutions
Copyright Clearance Center
  John Zevitas
VP & Senior Legal Counsel
T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.