4 Ways You Can Boost the Strategic Profile of Your Information Center

Information managers are uniquely situated to be strategic partners to many different departments and business functions. But without proper face time with these groups across the organization, this can be difficult.

In this white paper, John Boon, a senior information specialist, explores this challenge, and offers four tips from his experiences at UCB. John shares recommendations for implementing a robust training program, developing better relationships with stakeholders, and using data to find out which areas of the organization could benefit from the information center.

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About the Author

John Boon is a Senior Information Specialist, responsible for managing the global content portfolio and extensive user education and outreach program within biopharmaceutical company UCB. He has worked as part of UCB’s Scientific Information and Intelligence (SII) Team for five years and throughout that time has worked to develop a growing global network of active users for the RightFind platform and to increase the global footprint of the SII team. Prior to this, John has held roles managing academic, law and public libraries and developed new strategies of working for each sector. In his academic career, John has spanned numerous disciplines, from achieving a M.A. in English to a M.Phil in Information Management at University of the West of England, Bristol.