Say Hello to RightFind® Academic!

Your new customized site for checking permissions covered by CCC's Annual Copyright License.


If your institution holds an Annual Copyright License from CCC, it’s easy to obtain your credentials for the new site. Simply fill out this form by May 1, 2018. Remember, permissions will no longer be available on as of June 12, 2018 so it's important you complete this form as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about the transition to RightFind® Academic? Read our FAQ here.

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Read our Verifying Coverage Guide to learn how you can quickly and easily verify license coverage on RightFind® Academic.


Do you need help rolling this out to the rest of your institution? Here's a sample communication you can use in email and on your company intranet and social media sites to get the word out to your colleagues. Feel free to copy and paste!

For other resources that will help you onboard your colleagues, visit your Academic Resource Center here.

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