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Accelerating Global Access to Knowledge

Tuesday 10 April 2018
11:30 – 12:30
The Faculty (Stand 7A11), Hall 7, National Hall

"The UK is well above global averages of open access publishing, and is at the forefront of a significant global movement which is fundamentally changing the way that research is conceived, conducted, disseminated and rewarded,” noted a December 2017 report for the Universities UK Open Access Coordination Group. Responsibility for driving remarkable change across the scholarly publishing landscape is widely shared, yet the evolving relationship of publishers and institutional libraries is perhaps the most critical. The panel will assess the state of OA today and lay out a vision for a sustainable and integrated publishing workflow solution that minimizes costs, promotes transparency and supports a range of business models.

Sven Fund

Managing Director,
Knowledge Unlatched

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Chris Leonard

Head of Product,
Emerald Group Publishing

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Matthew Day

Head of Open and
Data Publishing,
Cambridge University Press

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Dr. Danny Kingsley

Deputy Director,
Scholarly Communication
and Research Services,
Cambridge University Library

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Wednesday 11 April 2018
13:00 – 14:00
The Faculty (Stand 7A11), Hall 7, National Hall

Content management and digital transformation depend on technology, clearly. Yet a successful digital transformation project will rely as much on redefining and reimagining the experiences of customers, employees, and other stakeholders as it does on the underlying solution. Meanwhile, content management plays an increasingly critical role as part of a wider set of smart information management strategies guide decision-making process and direct technology investments. The panel will share stories of innovation in publishing marked by changes in workflow and production as well as in markets and customer habits.

John Newton

Co-founder, Alfresco

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Kiren Shoman

Executive Director,
Book Editorial,
SAGE Publications

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Jonathan Brett-Harris

Managing Director, Ixxus

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Junaid Mubeen

Director of Education,
Whizz Education

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Kathryn Earle

Managing Director,
Digital Resources Division,
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

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Wednesday 11 April 2018
11:30 – 12:00
Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum

A conversation between two leading figures from the world of copyright on the issues and challenges arising as publishers evolve into technology companies and, likewise, tech companies begin to emerge as publishers.

Tracey Armstrong

President and CEO,
Copyright Clearance Center

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Caroline Boyd

The Copyright Hub UK

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Thursday 12 April 2018
13:00 – 14:00
The Faculty (Stand 7A11), Hall 7, National Hall

One of the more complex — and possibly, least well understood — areas of publishing is copyright. In 2018, copyright laws and general respect for intellectual property face tremendous public and policy pressures in the UK, across the EU and around the world. How do authors consider the threats to their livelihoods — and how are the managing the opportunities? What, in other words, do the actual copyright-holders think about copyright? Join author Daniel Hahn and lawyer Nicola Solomon, chief executive of the UK Society of Authors, as they discuss the authors’ perspective, in conversation with the Copyright Clearance Center’s Christopher Kenneally.

Daniel Hahn

Prize-winning Translator

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Nicola Solomon

Chief Executive,
Society of Authors

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