Connecting Researchers To Scientific Content: The Genmab Solution

Life science companies face many difficult challenges as they grow. When it comes to relevant scientific content, they can struggle to provide access for researchers that is organized, comprehensive and copyright-aware. 

Join RightsDirect on 1 February 2018 at 9:00 EST/ 15:00 CET, as we discuss with Frank Rebers how the award-winning biotechnology company, Genmab, overcame these challenges. Frank, a Ph.D. biologist with 15+ years experience in drug development will share how he and his team strategically:   

  • Secured access to relevant journals.
  • Navigated copyright.
  • Managed obligations in drug development.

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About Frank Rebers

Frank is a biologist by training and has a PhD from the University of Utrecht. With 15+ years of experience in drug development following 6+ years in academia and non-profit research he is currently Head Global Project Management Office (PMO) for Genmab using his talent to structure and streamline processes and improve performance and outcome.