Wellcome Requirements Webinar:
What You Need to Know
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As publishers move to a combination of subscription and Open Access publishing models, it has become more challenging than ever to manage the diverse and complex needs of authors, funders, and institutions.
Wellcome recently brought urgency to this issue with their revised Publisher Requirements which specified new invoicing, license, and deposit mandates. Slated for the future are additional invoice metadata requirements, such as DOIs, funder identifiers, ORCID iDs, and license information, though they encourage publishers to include such information now, as possible.

  • What impact will Wellcome’s new Publisher Requirements have?
  • How do we align key stakeholders across the publication lifecycle to ensure timely, undisruptive compliance?
  • Is your program ready?

Join Copyright Clearance Center for a discussion led by Hannah Hope, Open Research Coordinator, Wellcome; David Prosser, Executive Director of Research Libraries UK; and Liz Ferguson, Vice President of Publishing Development at Wiley.
This expert panel and CCC look forward to sharing real-life advice for dealing with pain points in today’s OA workflow.

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Hannah Hope 
Open Research Coordinator

David Prosser
Executive Director

Liz Ferguson
Vice President of Publishing Development